We are in need of your support!  We currently are caring
for 12 rescue horses with varying medical needs.  Your contributions are important
for us to be able to sustain their care.  
We also are in need of volunteers to
assist with feeding, grooming, and general care of our rescues.

D AND E FARM is a public charity under IRS code 501(c)(3).  Your cash or other donations
fully tax deductible as a charitable donation.  
Rescue horses are in need of special care.  They need vet and farrier care, medicine,
supplements, or just time to recover and rehabilitate.   
Visit our
Contact Us page or click the link below to make your donation.  Please include
your address along with your donation so that we may send you a receipt acknowledging it
for tax purposes.
Donations Welcome!  Volunteers Needed!
Maintaining care for rescue horses
requires support from the community.  
Horses require up-to-date
vaccinations ( 30-day boosters and 6-
month boosters).  Worming has to be
done initially and then every 6 - 8
weeks thereafter.  They also require
regular dental care.

There are also special feed
requirements for severely underweight
or elderly horses.

Regular hoof maintenance
necessitates farrier services every 8
weeks.   The costs add up quickly and
ALL Donations are greatly

In addition, the facilities are in
need of constant maintenance --
fencing, hay storage barn,
equipment repairs, etc.

Thank You for your support.        
D AND E FARM      Horse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Retirement
Items needed:

fence panels




farm equipment