Maybe it was just good ol' horse sense....the sense of the horse, not necessarily of
some people in his life.  Determined to find greener pastures, this horse showed that
persistence pays.
For us, it was a seemingly non eventful Saturday late night, time to get some sleep. It
was 11:00 PM.  Dark and quiet.  Suddenly, the front of our house lit up!  Bright lights.  
Looking out the window, we saw two police cars and a horse at the end of our
horseshoe-shaped driveway.  So much for the uneventful night!  Once outside,  we
were told the horse had walked quite a few miles that night with the police following
him until he came to stop at our house at the end of a dead end road.  He was tired
and weak, needing to lean on a shoulder to walk any further.  
After no success in determining an owner and the time approaching Midnight, the
police needed a place to keep the horse for the night so we offered our pastures.  
Charlie, as he would come to be called, was very dehydrated and drank about 20
gallons of water that night.  The next morning was filled with visits from the sheriff's
department, animal control, and inquiries as to where the horse came from.  Daylight
revealed that Charlie's legs were badly cut.    Finally, by mid-afternoon, the person
who had been keeping Charlie contacted us and not being able to afford the  vet care
associated with his injuries sustained while escaping and other horse-care expenses,
decided it would be best for us to keep Charlie.  
We later learned that Charlie had been kept in a small enclosure which was
surrounded by 3-foot high barbed wire.  He'd escaped quite a few times before; in fact,
it had become a weekly ritual of his for 6 weeks or so.  Also, his right eye was blind,
but that happened a few owners ago when he was being trained as a barrel racer.  
The trainer hit the side of his head with a PVC pipe and it broke off in Charlie's eye,
blinding him, or so the story goes.  We have now heard quite a few different versions
of how he became blind in his right eye.   None of them really matter as he seemed to
know what he was doing that Saturday night!
Taking in Charlie led us to our mission of rescuing horses in need of care and love.
Now Charlie and many other horses enjoy each others' companionship and receive
plenty of love and attention every day.  Horse sense --- Charlie has no idea that he
sparked an entire mission, or was that part of his plan all along?
Charlie's Story
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