D AND E FARM      Horse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Retirement
Ranger came to us just under a year old.  He has developed into quite a character!  He gets along well
with all of our rescues and has been known to spend many hours seeking out someone who will play
with him!  He's also a people horse and is forever curious about everything we do.
Rose came to us with a fractured pelvis and has progressed remarkably well.  
She spent her first several months in a separate pasture before Geronimo,
Champ, and Comanche were allowed to graze with her.  She is fully integrated
with the other horses now.  Most surprising to us, she has a beautiful gait when
she runs!  
When Champ came to us
he was malnourished and
very sick.  He also lacked
trust and stuck to
Geronimo like Velcro.

Since then, he has grown
to be  very loving and has
developed a sense of
independence although
Geronimo continues to be
his best pal.
Champ upon arrival in 2009
June 2009
Wild when he arrived, Geronimo would not allow us to approach him.  His hooves were in terrible
shape, but we couldn't get near him, let alone pick up his feet!  A lot of patience, a couple of months,
and a little groundwork and he became a new horse!  He comes when we call his name and loves to
have his forehead rubbed.  He allows the farrier to trim all of his hooves now and is a gentle horse.  
He's a beauty and is our constant reminder of why we do what we do here.
January 2012
July 2009 (left);  June 2010 (right)
Mickey upon arrival.

Exactly one year later -- Rose even sees how handsome he's become!
DunDun's age caught up with him
in April 2012.  He loved grazing
and hanging out with his pasture
pal, Nosey.  Nosey missed his
pasture pal and after living 34
years, passed in January 2013.
In Memorium:  DunDun and Nosey
Mickey came here undernourished and with terrible hoofs.