Charlie, our first rescue.

We are a 501(c)(3)  Non-Profit Horse Rescue
located in Hartsville, South Carolina.

We are presently operating on 33.5 acres and use
a "Free Range" facility with pastures, wooded
areas and trails.

contact us anytime! We look forward to
hearing from you.
What We Do

Our goal is to Rescue, Rehabilitate and Provide
for horses in need, whether from
neglect, starvation, or abuse.  We provide daily
positive interaction with the horses and tend to
their medical needs.  It is our goal to provide
quality care for our rescues and give them the
opportunity to live out their lives in an environment
that meets their needs.

We work with the Law Enforcement Community,
Humane Society, Animal Protection/Rights
Agencies and Private Citizens in the
Recovery/Rescue of Abused, Neglected,
Abandoned or no longer wanted Horses or when
the owners are no longer able to take care of them.

We currently are at our limit for rescues and
can not accommodate additional rescues
this time
Contact Information:

Hartsville, SC 29550
ph: (843) 383-8479
alt: (843) 857-9800   Cell: (843) 307-2999
D AND E FARM      Horse Rescue, Rehabilitation and Retirement
Welcome to D AND E FARM
Some of the boys out playing in the pasture.
All of the horses at our facility are Rescue Horses.
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We had always wanted horses at some point in
our life.  We were finishing up our barn with the
simple intentions of having a few horses and
going trail riding.
We were waiting until we finished the barn 100%
before going into this endeavor of horse
Our timing was a little off.   FORTUNATELY this
all changed late one Saturday night in August a
few years ago.  That was when Charlie wandered
into our lives and changed us forever.
Please read
Charlie's story to find out more.
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and pictures of our rescues!
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Thank you!
Above:  Anncey at one year; Below:  Anncey
at 4 days old.